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Bash Art

This is a performance piece- performed in 2011 - inspired by Yves Klein. Using a technique to get the best impression of her body. Combining the physical form with her artist expression on the canvas.

Figure Drawing

A practice that has been the fundamentals and foundation to Darnel’s work. A love for people and the figure she loves drawing from real life just as much as getting carried away in her imagination.

The Rocket

This was a bicycle trailer that was converted into a rocket ship to become a food cart and be trailered by a bike. It was first sculpted using a variety of materials wood, cardboard, foam and then a positive mold was created in fiberglass and carbon fiber. After hours upon dusty hours of layering bondo and finishing with stinky car paint.The rocket made it’s debut in the world making people smile! This couldn't of been done without Carl from Cannibal Carl's Customs and of course Joey!