We are spinning around on a rock in outer space, each one of us made of stardust.

The magic of being alive is a big influence on Darnel’s work.  She creates whimsical and idealized fairy tale worlds, full of characters who share their wisdoms and raw emotions.

When Darnel was young she was inspired by monsters and creatures of all kinds.  She spent most of her time escaping real life at her drafting table, creating worlds filled with monsters and aliens. After many years of art schools and a degree in animation, she continues to channel these characters. Now matured, some of them are on a mission and some are here just to make people smile.

She finds the balance between light and dark in her work. Her use of negative space is a reflection of lessons learned in meditation--the idea of simply just being. Empty space for Darnel is a symbol of calmness and endless possibilities.

Darnel is a New York transplant who arrived to San Francisco in 1997 - where she now calls home.  Her greatest muse is her daughter Miss. Zoey Luciana. Zoey’s wild imagination contains the seeds of her inspiration.  She shows her work from Coast to Coast. For info on upcoming shows and projects follow her on social media and sign up for her newsletter.